Fresh Vegetables

iGourmet has supplied fresh vegetables to the Sydney Markets for the past 15 years and is now the largest supplier of Baby Corn in Sydney and the supplier of the only Enoki mushrooms imported by air.  iGourmet and Mondial Trading can not send fresh fruit and vegetables through the post due to the difficulty in keeping the items fresh.  However we can ship or deliver larger quantities so contact us to enquire about delivery options and pricing.

Fresh Baby Corn

Baby Corn 

Sweet and crunchy. You can eat it whole,  kernels and cob together, add it raw to salads, ideal in soups such as Tom Yum or Short Soup and also perfect when cooked quickly in stir fries . 

Baby Corn is the finger-length corn that most often shows up in Thai and Chinese dishes. It looks like miniature corn on the cob. But baby corn does not come from miniature corn plants; it is harvested from standard varieties of sweet and field corn just after silking

Picked fresh baby corn is sweet, juicy and crunchy, while canned baby corn is dull flavored and often has a metallic after taste.  Only quality restaurants tend to use Fresh Baby Corn in their dishes, however you can taste the difference between these restaurants meals and those that use the canned corn.
At iGourmet we import large volumes of Baby Corn on a weekly basis and they are usually supplied in 115g punnets with 12 punnets per carton, however they can also be provided in 500g bulk bags as required.  We are committed to the highest standard of quality and therefore insist on the best corn and we make sure that it is correctly handled all along the chain to make sure that the corn is the freshest once it arrives to you.  

Please contact us directly on 0438007188 to enquire about sourcing the baby corn, pricing and volumes. 

Fresh Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki Mushrooms

Enoki mushrooms are edible mushrooms which are very popular in Asian cuisine, especially in Japan. The delicately flavored, interesting looking mushrooms are most widely used in Asian and fusion foods but are now increasingly found as garnish in Modern Cuisine restaurants and home cooked dishes. 

Fresh Enoki mushrooms are available mainly in Asian specialty food stores bundled in sealed plastic bags. When buying, pick those with firm, white, shiny caps and avoid mushrooms with slimy or brownish / grey stalks.

Enoki mushrooms ares highly nutritious containing high levels of vitamin B1, B2 and E.

We at iGourmet large volumes of Enoki Mushrooms from Thailand by air on a weekly basis.  Many other Enoki found in shops and markets are from Korea that have come by sea container and are therefore already a minimum of 3 weeks old before they are for sale in stores in Australia.  Our commitment to the highest quality means that we insist on importing directly from the producer overseas and importing by air so that our mushrooms are no more than 2 days old once they are available for sale in the stores in Australia.

Fresh enoki are available in 100g or 200g packs in large 15kg foam cartons.

Please contact us directly on 0438007188 to enquire about sourcing Fresh enoki, pricing and volumes.

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